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WARNING: This website and the materials therein may contain opinions, concepts, and/or ideas which you personally disagree with. Due to the generally open-minded nature of the author and the increasing ideological neuroticism of many internet users, there is no way of predicting which of these may cause offense and/or emotional distress. Therefore, for your psychological and parasympathetic safety, please read the following.

1. This website was created by a human being and is therefore imperfect.
  • Persons expecting perfection should cease use of the website immediately.
2. Persons allergic to perspectives other than their own should avoid the use of this website, and the internet in general.

3. Persons who believe that ideological and/or linguistic censorship is defensible in any circumstance should cease the use of this website... and preferably relocate to a totalitarian country.

4. Persons who have a history of severe emotional distress triggered by opinions, concepts, ideas, or words they do not personally like or agree with should cease the use of this website and consult a mental health professional.

5. Persons who suppose that the author can be guilted, shamed, or otherwise emotionally manipulated into complying with their particular ideological agenda should give up, and also not have children.

What to do if you or someone you know has been offended by something on this website:

1. Breathe.
2. Navigate your cursor to the top right corner of your internet browser.
3. Click the little "X". You can do it.
4. Enjoy the rest of your day!

The author of this website has compiled a list of helpful resources to assist those struggling with step 4.
1. http://www.emergencykitten.com/
2. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press
3. How to Choose to Not Be Offended